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At PREVENCIA our Eauze office in the Gers specialises in providing a range of French insurance in English to expats living in France or to English-speakers who have property in France (or who plan to own or rent property here). (Note that our office in the Gers moved to Eauze from Laugraulet du Gers in December 2015.)

Our aim is to provide advice and hassle-free, quality insurance throughout all regions of France. We do this in fluent English, German, Dutch and, of course, French. To find out more about each of our areas of expertise, please use the general site menu or the links below:

French property and contents insurance

French property insurance in English for expats in France...
...we can provide buildings and contents insurance for property in France, including second homes. (Public-liability insurance is included.) Contact us to discuss (in English) your French property insurance needs.

Car insurance

Car insurance for expats in France...
... and French insurance for motorbikes, right-hand drive vehicles and temporary cover for foreign-registered cars here in France. Contact us to discuss (in English) your vehicle insurance needs.

Health insurance

Health insurance for expats in France...
...we can guide you through the maze of options for health insurance here in France and provide you with a range of ‘top-up’ policies to suit your needs and your budget

Business insurance

Business insurance for your business in France...
...we can provide you with an insurance policy suited to your business activity in France, one which covers buildings, equipment and professional liability

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for your travels beyond France...
...splendid though it is to live in France, we provide policies with a range of options that will cover you and your family when you want to travel abroad

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21 October 2015

If you are in business as an auto-entrepreneur, then from January 2016 you are required to have professional insurance. Each time you issue a quote (devis) or a bill (facture) you will need to mention your policy’s... More

10 August 2015

Each year the Ministry of the Interior renews its Opération Tranquillité Vacances and this year is no exception. As a householder, you are invited to inform your local gendarmerie of your planned holiday absence so that your property can... More

25 June 2014

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the new requirement for smoke detectors/alarms to be fitted in residential property (whether owned or rented – the owner’s obligation in both cases). So we thought we’d help clarify some of the... More

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